this is the official forum of team blackheart, a team made of the strongest BDA (Belgian Duel Academy) players on the game DMG, here you can also find other groups under team blackheart, like the new BDA (blackheart duel academy)
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Malefic Rainbow Dragon

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Attribute: Yu-gi-oh Guide 34px-Dark.svg
Types: Dragon/Effect
Level: File:Star.svgFile:Star.svgFile:Star.svgFile:Star.svgFile:Star.svgFile:Star.svgFile:Star.svgFile:Star.svgFile:Star.svgFile:Star.svg
ATK/DEF: 4000/0
Card Effect Type(s): Summon/Continuous
Card Description:
This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card cannot be Special Summoned, except by removing from play 1 "Rainbow Dragon" from your hand or Deck. There can only be 1 face-up "Malefic" monster on the field. Other monsters you control cannot declare an attack. If there is no face-up Field Spell Card on the field, destroy this card.


 Yu-gi-oh Guide

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PostSubject: Yu-gi-oh Guide   Yu-gi-oh Guide I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 08, 2011 12:03 am

So I thought I wouldn't mind posting some things related to yu-gi-oh as I took that Ruling test and scored 55 which is not bad for a 13 year old Razz In this Guide I will be talking about Tigger,Ignition,Spell-Speed and some others included in YGO.

So Let's begin with Tigger Effects.Trigger Monster Effects activate whenever a certain condition on the Field, the nature of play, or the progress of the turn, is met. Optional Trigger Effects are effects that don't happen automatically when the trigger condition is fulfilled, the controlling player decides whether to activate it or not. These effects involve cards like "Mystic Tomato", "Peten the Dark Clown", or "Dark Magician of Chaos". With Optional Trigger Effects it is possible to Miss the Timing.

When two Optional Trigger Effects try to activate at the same time such as two copies of "Mystic Tomato" destroy each other in battle, neither will miss the timing, as the last thing to happen was both being sent to the Graveyard. Both of the effects trigger at the same time, and form a Chain. The Turn Player's effect becomes Chain Link 1, and the opponent's effect becomes Chain Link 2.

Only the activation of an Optional Trigger Effect can miss the timing. In other words, as long as the effect is activated, the resolution will never miss the timing. So two monsters will be summoned in the above example

Compulsory Trigger Effects are effects that must resolve, and are not Optional. When SEGOC, and two or more effects trigger at the same time, the Compulsory effects all go to the beginning of the Chain, and the Optional effects are put to the end of the Chain.

Ignition Monster Effects require a manual activation by the card's controller during their Main Phase 1 or 2 (unless stated otherwise on the card). They are available to use as soon as the card hits the field.

This type of effect used to be called a "Cost Effect" in the early days of Yu-Gi-Oh!, which was slightly confusing because not all of those monsters had a cost.


Each Spell Speed can only be countered with one that is greater, or equal. The exception to this is Spell Speed 1, which cannot be used against each other in normal play, unless special situations allow it. See "Simultaneous Effects Go On Chain" for more explanation on this.

Summoning a monster and declaring an attack are actions that do not have a Spell Speed, and therefore cannot be "chained" to. However, if the action in question was the last action to have resolved on the field, you may activate a card in response, which then becomes Chain Link 1. For example, using "Bottomless Trap Hole" when a monster is Summoned, or using "Mirror Force" when your opponent's monster declares an attack, and all considered to be "activated in response".

So In conclusion monsters like boggart or debris are trigger monsters.
Also Don't confuse yourself with spell-speed it's not speed spell! this ain't riding duel land!. Spell speed 1 is the slowest of all spell speeds and 3 is the highest don't forget that. I hope you have learned some valuable tips and I hope when taking the ruling test you can be sure of what the questions ask you until next time cya.

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PostSubject: Re: Yu-gi-oh Guide   Yu-gi-oh Guide I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 08, 2011 8:08 am

nice job lol!
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PostSubject: Re: Yu-gi-oh Guide   Yu-gi-oh Guide I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 08, 2011 5:02 pm

Excellent guide, you seem to have learned alot from the test. If you would take it now, I am sure you would score 70+
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PostSubject: Re: Yu-gi-oh Guide   Yu-gi-oh Guide I_icon_minitime

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Yu-gi-oh Guide
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