this is the official forum of team blackheart, a team made of the strongest BDA (Belgian Duel Academy) players on the game DMG, here you can also find other groups under team blackheart, like the new BDA (blackheart duel academy)
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Types: Dragon/Effect
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ATK/DEF: 4000/0
Card Effect Type(s): Summon/Continuous
Card Description:
This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card cannot be Special Summoned, except by removing from play 1 "Rainbow Dragon" from your hand or Deck. There can only be 1 face-up "Malefic" monster on the field. Other monsters you control cannot declare an attack. If there is no face-up Field Spell Card on the field, destroy this card.


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BDA-hikari's demon

BDA-hikari's demon

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PostSubject: hikari's demon   hikari's demon I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 10, 2011 9:35 pm

finally a new chapter (for those who already knew yes it took a veeeeery long time)
so here is everything
ps i will be posting everything in this one by editing so post all you want (plx no bully me)

explanation(dunno where to put this)

Say ! did you know that any “human” child under 3 years can see the difference between goddess, human and demon. Because they can see aura’s even when they are blind, but unfortunately after 3 years we become so indoctrinated that we don’t believe it anymore. They are quite similar… the 3 look exactly the same, but there are differences: a demon’s purpose is bringing bad luck to someone, and a goddess does exactly the opposite they appear when a good person is having a lot of bad luck and has a wish from the deepest of his hart, then he can make 1 single wish, any wish and it will be fulfilled. But what if, a human and a goddess have a child? It would make something more than human but also less than a goddess. That is my situation, my story, maybe even my legacy


I am a 17 years old man and I am in a battle against good and evil. Believe it or not ,they are working together to stop me ,because there is a high probability that I’ll go berserk and destroy anything in existence. Hmm oh sorry seems I got a dragged on to the fun part let’s start over. It happened when a good man met a goddess because so many demons were using him as a source of luck. Did I tell you that when a demon brings bad luck to someone they get that luck they “took”. Well going on now she asked my father what his wish was. He didn’t know anything, he was happy even going through all the bad luck. Deep inside he had a wish for her he didn’t realize. After a few months something what shouldn’t have occurred did. They fell in love. The man still didn’t make a wish. Now more than ever just to keep her on taura. When still more time passed she eventually had to go back to heaven so he asked his wish to be with her but too bad that was the only impossible wish because humans can’t get in heaven with body and soul and both would be needed to stay there then after a few more days he decided his wish was for her to be able to stay on taura with him forever. Unlike the looks of it that was possible. They got married and got a child “me” but I who was to be a twin came alone without my sister because just minutes before birth we “combined” into one. her body wasn’t ready to be born and disappeared unfortunately I was born blind so I could see aura’s not forms just aura’s after my first year on taura –which is earth’s real name- my father passed away and my mother could not stay anymore but as a last present she gave me her ability to see after that she put me at the door of an orphanage and went back to heaven as she couldn’t stay anymore without my father. Though my sister was still there as an angel her soul was stuck by my body because I could still see her then she looked like a cute 16 year old girl about 1m50 with short blonde hair a funny character and a beautiful white feather wing but as I grew older I was unable to see her and didn’t believe she existed I could still hear her though. so as I grew older she stayed at the same age until I reached 16 that is where my memory starts.

Chapter 1 the beginning
I’m going to school now I’m 16 and following my 5th year in high school its 1 day before my birthday and I live alone, since I don’t have a lot of friends I don’t come out often and because I don’t come out often I don’t have any friends. But going on now I was working for school on my computer when I suddenly saw a blonde girl about 1,50m with short blonde hair an one white feather wing just flying around in my room when I saw her lips moving and heard her I was so sure it was the voice that I had been hearing a few years ago she said: since you can’t see me anymore I don’t know what to say. since you can’t hear me anymore I don’t know what to do. I was so sure it was the voice I heard a few years ago so I asked: who are you what are you? an angel?
She let out a small shriek I probably scared her. so you don’t remember me anymore huh; seems normal since you didn’t see me for almost 13 years hikari. :she answered. I couldn’t help but keep asking: but who are you and why do you look so familiar if it was 13 years ago shouldn’t you have changed and why do you have a wing…? Hikari she interrupted me: do you remember me even vaguely? You do look familiar but… She interrupted me again: so you really don’t know me from anywhere… disappointing. Wait I know who you are.
you’re kanade, why did you color your hair?: I asked. Shish it’s not because she’s you’re best friend she’d color her hair just for you.: she smiled and said that’s more something for me by the way she would probably like black wings more. But you still don’t think I believe you’re an angel right. She sighed: so you really don’t believe me huh by the way I could also prove that you’re not human either. Eh I don’t know what to call you but I’m sure I’m human miss “angel” she reacted surprised: didn’t you ever notice that when people look at you they almost directly look away, it’s because of your aura it’s not human, goddess or demon that’s why most people think it’s awkward. I was curious so I kept asking: what’s a goddess and if I’m not human then what am I and prove it. You’re a demigod your father was human and you’re mother goddess and ill prove it close your eyes. I closed my eyes.
When I woke up I was in the hospital the nurse was bent over me trying to wake me up. Are you ok? Yeah I’m fine. Why? She explained: you where shouting something and struggling you almost fell out of your bed. did you have a bad dream? No… well I actually don’t remember-I also didn’t remember anything from before the incident with the girl in my room-, I’m sorry if I scared you. She responded: no its ok but what happened to your eye? I’ll call the doctor. When the doctor came in he looked at my eye and asked does this happen more often. Does what happen more often? I don’t know what you mean. the doctor excused himself and went into the hall. He mumbled something and the nurse followed him out.
My sister or angel –I was to confused to even think- walked in she was dressed differently than last time so I asked her why she told me she woke up just a little before me and weirdly enough in a different chamber and dressed like a normal girl with a red blank t-shirt and a jeans though she seemed to like it she found it weird to wear something different than a cloth.
she started mumbling and when I asked her what she said she told me that when a goddess or a demon became 16 they got their “consciousness” or the beginning of their power and that that could be what was happening now. Knowing that I asked her why we were in the hospital she responded: goddesses and demons always get their consciousness after a long sleep or else they fainted and because we were born in the middle of the day the second happened. Then I asked why the doctor said something about my eye.
she replied with a long answer:”that’s because there was one demon in our family they go through a small physical change demons also only give powers to good half human specimens or that’s at least how they call it you could say you’re the demon and I’m the angel because there were 2 we could make a balance the eye should return to normal soon” I kept asking questions but after a few more I realized “I still don’t know your name”: I said “do you have one and what is it” she replied: “ I never got one since I was part of you she called me hikari to” “so we need a new name for you then”: I said “ and pretty fast to before the doctor asks” he already did: she mumbled. I asked:”what did you say I hope you didn’t say hikari.” No: she said “I just said I couldn’t remember-which could actually be possible after collapsing without a reason-.
the doctor told me that my brother was here. probably through a blood test he knew. When the doctor came back he looked surprised seeing my sister out of bed and asked if she remembered anything yet she came up with a name but told him she remembered nothing more she told him she was called kisaki –a nice name- from then on. but when the doctor saw my eye returned to normal he seemed confused and disturbed. After that they let me go home since I didn’t seem to have any physical injuries.
After a few months I had developed all of my powers and had to go hunt for luck occasionally since I was half demon-and demons don’t have luck of their own- I had to go every month or so of course my sister-the half goddess- didn’t approve. My powers included some classic ones like transforming into a demonic creature which only got halfway there my hands became claws so did my feet and I grew big black wings. The most important one was luck stealing because I needed it to live normally –it wasn’t spectacular just a handshake could do it-.there where many more but they weren’t so spectacular nor important. As we tried to live a normal life-which was impossible-we stumbled upon some problems.

plz encourage me and tell me if good or not (i accept negative comments)

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PostSubject: Re: hikari's demon   hikari's demon I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 11, 2011 7:44 pm

Use Paragraphs (no offense)
I mean when I look at it I'm like wdf Very Happy If you use paragraphs I'm like
ah Very Happy you dig me?
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BDA-hikari's demon

BDA-hikari's demon

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Darkshadow24 wrote:
Use Paragraphs (no offense)
I mean when I look at it I'm like wdf Very Happy If you use paragraphs I'm like
ah Very Happy you dig me?
it actually looks good in word but here it kinda sucks (paragraph?? i dunno word iz new)the screen iz to small

ps: i have a dictionary so i (now) know whut it means
ill try to make paragraphs normal
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